Stressminus is Dr Collard’s alternative practice website. The Stressminus programme teaches clients a variety of life-skills, enabling them to build confidence and self-assurance, to cope more effectively with the stresses of life.



Helen Stephenson (co-teacher)

Helen has spent a life time dedicated to the practice and study of yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, meditation and counselling. She feels she can bring the wealth of her experience to benefit her clients.

Helen Stephenson is a level 3 mindfulness teacher and is qualified as a trainer of mindfulness teachers. She trained with Dr. Patrizia Collard, founder of entermindfulness and with Jody Mardula and Cindy Cooper of the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University. She is the co-author of the Mindfulness diet and the Mindfulness cookbook. Helen also holds a Masters from Hamburg University.

Her further qualifications include:

  • counselling diploma (couples, families and individuals)
  • certificate in conflict clarification with Dr. Christoph Thoman in Switzerland
  • training in communication psychology with Prof. Schulz von Thun and team from Hamburg University
  • Senior yoga and Pilates Teacher with Yoga Alliance
  • certified back care instructor, specializing in Scoliosis
  • visiting teacher at Gaia House in Devon over the last 10 years

Website: MindfulnessMK




Jenny is Child Mental Health Worker on the national specialist team on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the Maudsley Hospital. Her work here includes setting up and speaking at training programmes for parents and professionals, advising and supporting adults with ASD, taking part in clinical research projects, visiting schools and advising other professionals on ASD. Jenny has produced a parent pack of information for parents whose children have received a diagnosis of ASD.

After being awarded an honours degree in Psychology in 1998, Jenny worked with a research psychologist investigating cognitive functioning in children with ASD before joining the Maudsley team.

Jenny has worked as autism advisor to a special school and a children’s charity as well as ASD specialist trainer for a mental health training practice and as a consultant with Tribal Education, designing a model of inclusion for ASD in mainstream schools for a London borough.

For some years Jenny chaired the National Autistic Society’s London Regional Forum and is herself the parent of a young adult with high-functioning autism. Jenny has over 14 years’ experience of working with ASD, setting up a local support group, counselling parents, giving practical advice and guidance on communication, educational provision and approaches to understanding and managing problematic behaviours.



Juliet Adams

Juliet Adams has over 20 years experiences working on learning, organisational and leadership initiatives within large organisations. She holds a Masters degree in training and performance management, and is a Fellow of CIPD. Juliet is founder of, a leading independent mindfulness information resource. She arranged the first Mindfulness at work conference in 2012, and is currently planning the 2014 conference in partnership with Cranfield University School of management . She is author of ‘Making the business case for mindfulness’ and co-author of ‘Mindfulness at Work for Dummies’. Based in Cambridge, she develops and delivers leadership programmes and teaches mindfulness in UK workplaces




Ana Ribeiro

Ana has been practising meditation her whole life, having attended silent meditation retreats in the UK and abroad, within various traditions including those of Advaita & Insight (Vipassana) and Krishnamurti & Gurdjieff. She is also a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in neuroscience (having many years experience in mental health and psychological therapies with adolescents and adults) and is an NLP Practitioner with vast experience in self-development and confidence building, facilitating change & transformation. She is based in London, where she  teaches individuals and small groups, and continues to practice and develop her skills & experience. She speaks fluent English, French, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese.




Natalie Pennicotte-Collier

CalmerRama is my school workshop introducing Mindfulness a blend inspired by you to make teens curious to the journey of Mindful practice and the powerful benefits

Mental Wealth Ambassador and Team GB Mindcoach, Natalie from

“I would love to share some of the ways I have found to Inspire the next generation of Pupils and Athletes and help any parents struggling to nurture an early love of Mindfulness and the wonderful benefits – sharing ways to engage TEENs with highlights and Mindfulness techniques to empower the next generation from The CalmeRama Roadshow.
Inspired by my mentor and friend, the wonderful Dr Patrizia Collard. CalmerRama is a blend of MBCT and MSC alongside my empowerment Mindcoaching.

Cofo of the #TheMindset21 Social Media Campaign alongside Mental Health Ambassadors, I have been to 10.Downing Street to share my Charity Initiative.

Every day I aim to positively influence the emotional wellbeing and mental wealth of the community working with pupils, parents, carers my mission is to promote + support youth mental wealth in schools, sport & business.
I continue to be inspired by the power of the mind, emotional intelligence and success psychology. Helping people to enjoy more happiness, mindfulness and unlock their true potential.


Dr Karen E Neil

Karen is a wife and mother and a Pharmacist with a PhD in molecular pharmacology and has been a special lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Nottingham Medical School. She is co-author of the text book Disease Management by Randall and Neil and has written articles relating to her Pharmacy practice research interest in the adverse effects of drugs for the journal Prescriber. Work as a Community Pharmacist led to an interest in the effect of nutrition and lifestyle on health and disease and subsequently the physical and mental effects of emotional problems and stress.

This has led to intensive study over the last decade, including the work of many people researching mental health and the effect of meditation on the brain, such as Daniel Goleman, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Richard Davidson, Zindel Segal, Mark Williams, John Teasdale together with Buddhist Philosophy from which mindfulness meditation originates.